Indie Music

Bones – Face It


Bones recently released his latest single, ‘Face It’, an underground alternative metal rock solo project home to some of the most powerful experimental sounds we’ve heard in a long while. Released through UMG’s Spinnup, ‘Face It’ is the first act of Bones’ solo career, after many years spent in an underground band. Shot in 4K, the visuals accompanying the song ideally match the theme and overall mood of the single, but covers a shortest version (4:02) of the 6 minute song. 

The founder of the label Bones Music has set himself the task to bring innovation and change to the music industry and entertainment. In the wake of a pandemic when music is struggling, he is well-determined to share a different view regarding the future of the industry while tackling crucial socio-political issues that millions will relate to. 

The fearless artist’s latest release is a sonic display of a “party while the world burns,” a memorable ride with a wide, rough vocal range and quick-triggering lyrics. 

Dark and exciting, ‘Face It’ opens the way for much more music to be released by the one and only Bones.

Charlotte Lucas