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deafpony – Break Me

‘Break Me’ is the start of a new era for deafpony, an alt-pop trio from South London. Their third release of the year, following their ‘Tourist’ EP in March and April’s indie-punk single ‘Some Bruises To Share’, thematically it moves on from looking back at mental health struggles and a break-up to celebrating making it through some of the hardest times in their lives. Some of the lyrics in ‘Break Me’ almost challenge the world to throw what it can at their new, stronger personas, and really gives their new track an edge.

Although it was created in difficult times (the band managed to maintain social distancing through leaving microphones on each other’s doorsteps), it didn’t dim their experimentation, with this release displaying more ambient synths and unconventional guitar tones.

A searing indie rock track, I really like how it doesn’t mess around and maintains momentum and pace, along with the lead vocals. If this is the start of a new record cycle for the band, I’m very intrigued to see where it takes them.

Ryan Powell

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