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Deanna Faye – Reassure

Deanna Faye

Written whilst working as a content editor in Toronto, Deanna Faye’s new track ‘Reassure’ comes from her upcoming EP, ‘Good To You’. The first thing I noticed about ‘Reassure’, above the slow drum beat and the ponderous acoustic guitar was her stunning voice, which shares both the rasp and the breathiness of Lana Del Rey’s vocals. The songwriting is of a similarly exceptional standard – I especially love the imagery in the line ‘you’re my melted candle / whilst you crash and burn’. Throughout the track she exposes not only her own vulnerability but of those around her, and I feel some of the reflection in her lyrics are therapeutic to herself, let alone the person listening.

From a young age, music was an important creative influence in Faye’s life. After overcoming a major illness, she felt motivated to continue writing where she left off – giving her new song an authentic sound which can only be achieved through experiencing real life problems. I really enjoy how soothing this track is – if it sought to reassure and relax the listener, it certainly achieved it.

Ryan Powell

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