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elbé – These Moments


The rain’s battering on my window, I’m thinking of putting the heating on and I can’t really go out and do much due to a bug that’s being passed around. It’s all getting a bit depressing over here. elbé’s ‘These Moments’ tries it’s damnedest to transport me to a different time and place. Where I’m lying in a field with the glorious rays of a beating sun on my face or possibly jumping up and down arms a-flailing within an excitable crowd of unknown friends. This is a summer song if I’ve ever heard one. It pulses along on a danceable beat before lifting you up with it’s blissed out chorus declaring “these streets, these bars, these hills in the stars”.

The reverb-y guitars give the song a definite alternative 80’s feel but with a pop twist. ‘These Moments’ is a gloriously uplifting song particularly in the current climate. It makes you clutch still more for those moments we can all share together once again.

I don’t think I’ll bother with the heating elbé have lifted the cold for me.

Matthew Bryan

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