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Francis Of Delirium – Lakes

Francis Of Delirium

Francis of Delirium present their new release ‘Lakes’ as the lead single of their upcoming EP Wading, coming out February 2021.

The beginning lyric ‘I’m a lake but you’ll own me/ All these rivers make up bodies’ sets the tone of a song that explores what makes up identity, and how it can break down through feeling lost. 19 year old Jana Bahrich’s delicate but strong vocals sing of the connections we have, and how they flow like rivers into our individual lakes, to make up our sense of self.

A mix of grunge and folk, Francis of Delirium present a collision of genre and intensity through soft vocals that grow with a climactic build of driving guitar rhythms, a strong drum-beat and the urgent calling of her vocal harmonies. It is complemented beautifully by a music video that presents a kaleidoscope of identity; fragments of memory and captured moments from her grandfather’s past and her present. Together they create a mosaic of heritage and identity that the song desperately calls for at its core.

This sombre, introspective song is one to listen at full volume. The natural transition between the two main segments of the song reveal themselves as a free expression of self, one which comes and goes; from quiet to loud, lyrics to instrumental, calmness to passion. It comes in waves and moves like water, like the lake itself.

Josie Wellington

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