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Gaijin Smash – Creeper

Gaijin Smash

Gaijin Smash are a Japanese-Canadian dance-punk duo who blend the music of the contrasting pop cultures who raised them. They released debut single ‘Creeper’ on Halloween 2020, before embarking on a nine-date ‘Japanada Tour’ across six major cities in their native countries. The single appears on their self-titled new EP, coming November 13th.

I really like how different ‘Creeper’ sounds. It combines two musical cultures which you wouldn’t automatically put together in a track, and creates a unique blend with an infectious energy. They have recently released a remotely-directed music video, which provides a backstory about the band’s hypnotic relationship with their poltergeist drummer and serves as a subtle commentary on the grip that technology can have on society.

Ryan Powell

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