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Gretta Ray – Passion

Gretta Ray

Today sees the release of ‘Passion’, the new single by Australian artitst Gretta Ray.

‘Passion’ is a song that lives up to it’s name. From the off the music is dramatic, instantly grabbing your attention. The piano and drum beats driving the music forward. Add Ray’s pure & commanding vocal and you have a very powerful song.

“This is a different kind of song for me,” says Ray. “Conceptually it’s not narrative-driven like a lot of my other songs. ‘Passion’ is essentially a love song, but people have heard romantic music from me before. I feel like this is definitely turned up a notch.”

Turned it up a notch indeed she has. ‘Passion’ feels like a song where by Ray is completely in control. There is a confidence and swagger to both her voice and the music. I’m sure big things await in the future for this talented young artist.

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