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Hannah’s Little Sister – EP.mp3

Hannah’s Little Sister

‘EP.mp3’ is a five track EP from Hannah’s Little Sister and is released on 20th November 2020. This lively, fun record mixes homemade punk with chaotic indie party tunes.

This is a great record, in that it evokes the Number One reaction that any artist wants to pass on to their listeners, namely, “I have got to see this lot play live”!

The opening track ‘Bin Mouth’ is raucous with a catchy melody and an infectious beat. There are some extremely high-pitched squeals on here that will appeal to those with canine like earing.

One of the EP’s many highlights is ‘Pay Day Junkie’. It has a slow, steady start, which builds into a multi-vocal and harmonic treat. Great stirring guitar sound with loud angry vocals with a bit of a nod to Lauren Tate from Hands Off Gretel.

‘Chew’ comes in at a hefty six minutes, twenty and goes through various changes in pace, intensity and energy. By the end, it leaves you emotionally drained but begging for more.

‘Gum’ which was a recently released single starts as a haunting song which in part due to some frantic drumming morphs into some form of punk party/show tune hybrid.

‘Anywhere’ is my personal favourite and finishes the EP strongly. Harmonious and soothing vocals soon jump into a rocking good indie-pop romp with an underlying Middle Eastern vibe.

One of the few bands around today who can use a synth and make it sound fresh and not come across as an Eighties tribute band. Hannah’s Little Sister are not scared to sound and be different, in fact they probably revel in it.

As a whole, the EP has lots of change in tempo and style to keep things interesting. Listening to this EP makes it plain to see that this band had a lot of fun making this record, and it shows. It grabs you by the scruff of the neck and makes you sit up and take notice; whether you want to or not. This whole EP is a great, fun journey like an unplanned visit to the pub for just one drink that ends up being one of your most epic nights out ever!

It has lots to love and very little not to.

Darren Kelly

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