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Headshrinkers – Caught Between Two Stools


‘Caught Between Two Stools’ is the new jaw-dropping single from the authentic Midland punk band Headshrinkers. The new single follows the release of ‘6:41 Sapien’, which was going to be tough to follow up with its pounding drums and ear-biting guitar parts, yet the Black Country outfit have raised the bar once again with their anthemic new record as they continue on their journey to reshape punk.

From start to finish, the track is rich with legendary influences including the power enthused guitar lines of The Jam as well as the foreboding atmosphere present in Joy Division. You do not want to let this band slip through your fingers, Headshrinkers are on a journey to the top – and they do not look like stopping on their course any time soon.

Headshrinkers are made up of drummer Scarlett – who drives the anthem forward and perfectly completes the rhythm section – along with melodic bassist Xav. Additionally, the track features lead guitarist James, whose ability to write fearless riffs has continued to grow, and to top the sound off we have front man Garran, who continues to showcase his proven talent of writing lyricisms to set the room ablaze.

‘Caught Between Two Stools’ would not look out of place on an early Oasis album or as an offering from The White Stripes.

Headshrinkers. Remember the name.

Alex Malpass

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