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Honey Motel – Madeline

Honey Motel

‘Madeline’ opens with a whirling, analogue crackle as the sound of a tape recorder and background noise gives way to sparse vocals and panned guitars. The arrangement then broadens as the vocalist’s emotion builds and lush electronic drums drenched in a classic 80s style reverb enters the mix.

Just as you think the song has plateaued, the track builds further as we’re introduced to a stabbing, syncopated rhythmic section where the drums and bass are reminiscent of the Killers’ ‘Jenny Was a Friend of Mine’.

Once again, the energy levels are bumped up as the vocals gain more momentum and the guitars more distortion for the final section of the track. ‘Madeline’ ends with a bang and the sound of a tape reeling to its end at just under three minutes, making the track a jam-packed flash of energy and sound that captivates the listeners’ ear from the first few seconds to the final moments.

The band spoke about ‘Madeline’ having a “concept of betrayal and jealousy” which is certainly apparent from the first listen as the words and music perfectly reflect the storyteller’s experience. Stay tuned for more from the band as they are definitely riding towards high places with this second single.

George Gillott