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Limón Limón – Neon Lights In The Rain

Limón Limón

LA-based duo Limón Limón recently put out new single ‘Neon Lights In The Rain’.

Released on November 24th, ‘Neon Lights In The Rain’ is a synth based track with a retro 80’s feel. Slowly paced the song brings thoughts of a school prom with a disco ball creating patterns on the walls of the room as it glimmers and spins round in a movie. This is a song playing early in the night when our ‘hero’ has just arrived at the prom and although we know he’s going to end up with the girl for the slow dance at the end, at this point in the film he’s standing on the sidelines watching other people dance whilst scanning the room looking for his love interest.

The vocals on the track are pleasant and on point with the music and whilst it’s probably fair to say the song doesn’t bring anything new to the table it’s still very enjoyable and is one you can lie back and chill to if you’re wanting to feel a tad nostalgic.

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