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Underground Metal Singer Bones Releases His New Single “Face It” + Music Video

Singer-songwriter Bones released his latest single, “Face It,” an experimental underground alternative metal rock song in pair with captivating visuals. “Face It” will be coming out on Bones Music label via UMG’s Spinnup. An exciting and ever-evolving artist, Bones masterfully crafted “Face It,” a song that has a singular power that leaves you blown-away with its finger-picked patterns, vocals, and overall composition. Bones provides us with the experience of complex sounds built on twists and turns, incorporating influences like Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth, and Rob Zombie, but with the everlasting attitude similar to acts such as Pantera, Eminem, and Rage Against the Machine.

Born and raised in the isolated, small town of Belleville, ON, he was putting a lot of effort into taking things to the next level in his professional career. Failure after failure, Bone was asked to join a Metal band that was looking for a rowdy singer in his dream state; California. On the right track to becoming the next big talent, the road ended too soon due to a lack of organization. Starting all over again, Bones is now sharing with us his solo project, “Face It” with the drums, bass, vocal, and guitar chords well balanced and polished. While Bones is serving some of his best performances ever with his unique penchant for innovative rock soundscapes on this new song, this time he seems to push the boundaries a little further than he has ever had.

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