Above & Beyond Will Release Highly Anticipated Track 'Blue Monday' On January 20th – EDMTunes

In all of Above & Beyond’s history of music making, now is the time for some real magic. Their rendition of New Order’sBlue Monday‘ is finally being released after being played throughout the course of six years.

You may have heard it in their ABGT 264 London show back in 2013 or an older one. And boy, has it resonated with us since. The trio’s remix of the song is stellar and brings us nostalgia with a proper trance twist. We see its release on January 20th, an appropriate release date as it ties with the title.

For those that don’t know, “blue monday” is a day in January calculated to being the most depressing day of the year. To be more specific, it is the third Monday of January. With the holiday cheer is done and the new year has come, it is back to reality with whatever pieces you have left to rebuild or start fresh. We know that this isn’t the greatest back story to a name, but we can imagine that A&B dedicated this rendition to theirs and every artist’s story of struggle and triumph with mental fitness.

This is a song about perseverance through dance music, the music industry, and the world. We’ve lost so many in the battle with suicide and depression. It leaves a deep mark on society, and it is A&B’s mission to show us the silver lining. All it takes is a voice — to reach out, inspire others, and help them with their own struggles. Remember, you are not alone.

Awareness and social support is the best kind of therapy for depression. In their music, we find peace and happiness. Their productions inspire us and their performances move us to tears. Anjunabeats is definitely gaining another legendary track.

Pre-save the song here and set an alarm on your calendars. For a flashback, watch the video below.

BLUE MONDAY.MONDAY, 20 JANUARY.Anjunabeats, New Order

Posted by Above & Beyond on Tuesday, December 17, 2019