Denmark – I Know / Turn Me On

Denmark is the recording project of Greg Gondek and Will Solomon, based in the Hudson Valley, New York. The band emerged this time last year with the release of ‘Molly Mary Me’, a characteristically subtle and lush song where acoustic guitar, piano and vocal harmonies float together to create something dreamy and romantic. The even track came complete with a video, made by the band, consisting of a collage of clips from all your favourite 90s cartoons.

Following up their new single, the slightly darker, off-kilter ‘Kosova’, Denmark are back with a brand new double single, I Know / Turn Me On. For the uninitiated, the two songs serve as a lovely introduction, the gentle guitar that opens ‘I Know’ encapsulating their careful touch. The track is a folk song bathed in a diffuse early-morning glow, all rounded edges and golden light.

There’s a hint throughout the track that the lightness will blossom into something brighter and more energized, though it’s not until the second song ‘Turn Me On’ that the rhythm picks up. Still, even with the tumbling piano, the acceleration is a matter of degrees, and in reality Denmark maintain their restrained atmosphere. The decision is inspired, and suggests a real confidence and focus. Slow builds to noisy crescendos are a dime a dozen, and it takes a nuanced hand and vision to craft something delicate yet equally arresting. In short, Denmark are firmly on our radar, and should be on yours too.

I Know / Turn Me On is out now and available from the Denmark Bandcamp page.

Album artwork by Hannah Bevens