DJ Snake – Loco Contigo (with J. Balvin, feat. Tyga) – EDMTunes

has unleashed his latest chill and relaxing single ‘Loco Contigo‘, meaning Crazy with you. The features Colombian reggaeton singer J. Balvin who sang who magical vocals on the hit song Mi Gente. Another big name featured is the illustrious rapper and Hip-Hop artist Tyga.

Loco Contigo‘ begins with a soothing and relaxed bassline that has Balvin’s vocals riding on top of it. The track is not a typical DJ Snake track that will have us tapping our foot but more of a tune that sets the mood for a summer day by the pool. The latin, Reggae element in the track makes us sway with the beat and leaves us longing for more. Tyga’s vocals come in later and is sandwiched between the spanish part on either side of it.

The three minute song runs along the same low BPM for its entirety and leaves us hitting the replay button again and again. Listen to the track below and let us know your thoughts.

DJ Snake – Loco Contigo (with J. Balvin, feat. Tyga)