Eliza’s “Roses” is an ode to summer with an edge

Some people are destined to be artists. ELIZA falls firmly under this category having enrolled in music school at the tender age of seven where she learnt the violin. Soon thereafter she realised that singing was her path and it’s clear she has never looked back.

After relocating to London to attend BIMM she truly began to pursue her dream collaborating with the slew of interesting musicians and producers that the city had to offer.

Roses” is the first track we’ve heard from the Latvian born singer and it is a great calling card for ELIZA‘s undoubted talent. While representing an apparent ode to the summer the track has more than a little edge to it and a retro-y production that keeps your interest hooked. While there are undoubted elements that ground this within the realm of electro-pop the track offers more than enough bite to have us coming back for more.

Also worth checking out is Eliza‘s track “#Metoo” which is her own small but meaningful contribution to the movement that took off in late 2017.