Everyone Is Dirty – hit-girl

Hailing from Oakland, California, Everyone Is Dirty is a self-described “no-wave grunge psychedelic pop” band that have overcome serious difficulties in their quest to make perfect weirdo fuzzy pop tunes. The latest of these trials was the liver failure suffered by lead Sivan Lioncub, caused by an allergic reaction to antibiotics.

Having recovered from the health problems, and what Lioncub describes as the “?”, Everyone Is Dirty are now back doing what they do best. Today we have the pleasure of unveiling their latest song, ‘hit-girl’. Described as a “groovy ditty”, it’s perhaps the most upbeat track Everyone Is Dirty have ever made. A rhythmic bass line winds behind perky percussion and Lioncub’s soaring violin.

Lyrically the song is fun and silly but carries an important message. “I wrote the lyrics about speaking truth to power and taking action to find freedom from sexual harassment and assault,” explains Lioncub, “and as a direct response to the arrogance, show of power and bullying of predators.” The song captures a sense assurance and insouciance in the face of violence, as though a struggle viewed in hindsight is a struggle halfway conquered. “Don’t you worry,” Lioncub insists, and it’s hard not to listen—a voice seizing the initiative, finally telling the just version of events to those who need to hear it. “Despite feeling furious, enraged, ashamed, and scared,” Lioncub continues, “I wanted to create an upbeat sunny feeling pop tune to celebrate the calm cool confidence of taking our power, and to inspire hope.”

If you don’t want to take our word for it, then take a look at the lyrics, which capture feelings of invincibility.

You know you wanna ride across the desert
on a sabre-toothed tiger
with the wind in your hair

Head the the Everyone Is Dirty Bandcamp to explore their back catalogue.

Band photo and single cover by Ginger Fierstein