Eyesore & the Jinx – On an Island

Liverpool trio Eyesore & the Jinx are a band of our times, half-crazed and hyperactive, at odds with the world around them. So, while their jittery post-punk draws upon The Fall and Parquet Courts, the biggest influence on their sound is contemporary culture and their alienation from its values, leading to a Protomartyr-esque tone somewhere between wry humour and flat out fury.

Debut single ‘Gated Community’ was a psychobilly take on the selfishness driving late capitalism, where the primary greed is exacerbated by the mortal urge to defend one’s wealth. With The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle at the forefront of their minds, Eyesore & The Jinx rallied against arbitrary borders and the emotions that support such ideas—the soulless avarice and fear that descends when finance establishes itself as the only grand narrative.

Now the band are back with a brand new single, ‘On an Island’. Again the tone is cutting and hysterical, as though the banality of society has pushed them over the edge. As the band put it, ‘On an Island’ is “a sweet and tender ballad dedicated to the cultural residue of post-Brexit Britain. Where endorsers of teeth whitener, protein shakes and 2 for 1 cocktails are as influential as the reptiles in Westminster.”

Check out the excellent the video by Mat Greaves below:

‘On an Island’ is out now via Eggy Records.