Faith & Majesty – Summer Fling

Faith & Majesty is a duo from South Florida who make a richly atmospheric brand of music that combines folk with smouldering indie rock. So far they have only released one single, though it’s more than capable of holding its own, serving as a striking and exciting introduction to what appears to be an act to watch.

With its slow-burning, folk-inspired opening that takes on a cavernous depth, ‘Summer Fling’ is pitched somewhere between the hybrid folk of early Cold Specks and the euphoric melancholia made familiar by Daughter. As the song develops, soon so does the energy, the glow of the beginning sparking into a full blaze which tempers into a taut, sparkling rhythm around the halfway point. This gathers in intensity too, the various elements coalescing into a sweeping finale.

Faith & Majesty also stopped by for a Sofar session in Gainsville. Filmed by Kevin Dowdell and edited by Brandon Telg giving a glimpse of another new track, ‘Poison’, displaying an acoustic sound that’s impressively rich despite the stripped-back style. Check out the video below:

‘Summer Fling’ is out now and you can find it on various sites here. Be sure to follow Faith & Majesty on Facebook and Instagram for further news.