Fields of Heaven – Songs of Loss

Fields of Heaven is the recording project of Boston’s Daniel Moro, who makes a lo-fi brand of bedroom pop that is keyed in to the quiet sadness of things. Christmas saw the release of his debut album Forgiveness Songs, a release which introduced the sincere sensibilities and fuzzy emotion, the sound ranging from R.E.M.-inspired earnestness to mean and twitchy guitar squalls.

Moro is back already with a new EP, Songs of Loss. Opening with the title track, the release makes clear its intentions from the off, the vocals lonely and probing but layered behind a gauzy curtain. The result is an honest and heartfelt, playing with a blend of modesty and desperation like midnight thoughts voiced in an empty room.

‘Lush Night’ reinforces this aesthetic, living up to its name with a muted warm that slowly grows into something more vivid, while ‘The Boy With Eight Mothers’ follows a similar pattern. The opening is suppressed and stifled, a song as heard through a wall, though the disparate energy coalesces into a keen rhythm by the close.

Closer ‘Hark, the Angel’s Quiet Eyes’ is bedroom pop at its best, gentle and sad and pervasive beyond its modest sound, the emotion leaking into every gap and crack. Again, the primary feeling is that of sincerity—all pretence dropped and every persona left behind in an attempt to communicate as truthfully as one can.

Songs of Loss is out now via the Fields of Heaven Bandcamp page, where you can also find Forgiveness Songs.