gardenstate – Charon – EDMTunes

gardenstate is a techno duo from Jersey City, United States. They consist of . So far, they only have one track that they have released. This track is titled ‘Charon‘. This new track released on Statement! Recordings, under the broad wings of Armada Music.

Immediately, this song starts with a mellow drum pattern and a rising melody you can hear in the background. This song is so calm and soothing, you might even miss the buildup before the drop. The transition into the drop is seamless and smooth. After the first drop, gardenstate adds in a melody using pads. This melody sounds angelic. After, it transitions back into the main melody backed by the subtle drum pattern. This main melody, again, transitions subtly into the second drop. You can miss the buildup, but you’ll know once it hits because of the powerful kickdrum that comes in.

All in all, this techno tune will get you moving and grooving. This track showcases the fact that not all techno has to be only drum patterns and dark vocals. We can’t wait to hear more from this duo of gardenstate. You can listen to their latest record here or down below. What do you think of this new track?

gardenstate – Charon