Grady Releases Debut Song "Garden" (Prod. by Cuco & Melvv)

If you’ve never heard of Grady before, don’t go kicking yourself just yet. “Garden” is the debut song from the artist who seems to still be in the process of building a social presence online – 4 followers on Facebook, 21 on Soundcloud, no Twitter that we could immediately locate.

And yet “Garden” is easily a song you could be playing all summer from any artist with a bit more notoriety. Produced by Cuco and Melvv, “Garden” possesses a slick charm that calls upon a sort of Lido-esque swagger with Grady’s raw vocals. It’s the sort of track which would have a music video of a timelapse of a sunflower growing, and you’d call it art.

Grady’s debut release is the first of many to come from the budding artist. With tons of already recorded tracks, Grady is definitely one to watch throughout the rest of 2018 and beyond.