Henry Green explores solitude on “Stay Here”

We introduce Bristol-based indie/electronic artist Henry Green’s new single “Stay Here”, a pure, angelic and eerie piece of art.

For those of you who don’t already know him, I highly recommend you listen to his previous work, in particular, his beautiful cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel”.

At just 22, Green’s understanding of music and use sound is remarkable. There is a clear intelligence and maturity in his vocals, in his lyrics, and in his melodies, which come across as intimate, subtle and dramatic in a way.

Green reveals that “Stay Here” was “created out of frustration from a loss of direction” and that he “wanted to create a feeling of isolation and fragility in the production but gently move into a warmer, more uplifting space as the track developed.

These notions of solitude and frailty transpire on the track, giving it a lot of intensity and depth. The vocals and music are hushed, peaceful and sincere as if he was trying to escape to a better, more serene place. What makes this song so great is that he manages to take us with him.