HVRCRFT Drops Some New Weight With "Kilo"

Short. And. Sweet. When you’ve got something fire down in the first two and a half minutes, why waste time with an outro? Just throw it out there and let the wild ones have their way with it – that’s how we’re deciding to look at “KILO” by HVRCRFT, which is definitely weighty as the title suggests.

All you get is 50 seconds of intro before absolutely mayhem befalls you amidst blistering synths and chaotic, swirling basslines. The first drop is all trap while the second doubles up the tempo and gets into hard trap territory with more distorted synths before falling back into that recognizable trap arm rhythm.

Overall, it’s a party track through and through and you can expect a massive reaction from the crowd whenever this gets dropped. Check out “KILO” by HVRCRFT below, out now Thrive Music.