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American Indie-Pop Artist Maddy Allen Releases New Single “Flowers”

American indie-pop artist Maddy Allen, shortly after having released her incredibly beautiful debut album Welcome To The Cage, returns with another wonderful single, “Flower,” displaying the full range of her artistic abilities and more, and inspiring many to follow in her footsteps of overcoming the multiple difficulties that life can bring one’s way. 

Maddy Allen had to deal with various addictions, and, in a way, having to face her own demons helped her mature much faster than the average person, and this wisdom and self-awareness is to be found at the very core structure of her music, one she meticulously sprinkles with indie-pop vibes here and there. 

“Flowers” is both a wonderful single to listen to, and a deeply meaningful experience when it comes to the lyrics, and gives us some essential clues to understand how Maddy Allen is consistently building a very solid artistic vision. 

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