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Chintzy Stetson – Final Words

Chintzy Stetson

Chintzy Stetson released his much anticipated single ‘Final Words’ on July 27th. Starting from humble beginnings, the track ascends from a mere drum beat and a few musical notes before paving its way forward as a harmony packed indie pop single!

Despite mostly being inspired by The Black Keys and The War on Drugs, whilst attempting to add a certain ‘Bowie style’ feel to the track, the end result seems to come a lot closer to a Tom Yorke fronted/Declan McKenna style outcome – but that’s definitely not a bad thing! The Sax on this track gives it a whole new burst of life and really sharpens up the melodies, giving the record a newfound freedom to shine.

Chintzy Stetson is the alias of Louis James Adams, and he is tipped to become one of the fast rising stars of the year by BBC Introducing! Considering his music has only been out in the open for one year, that seems like a more accurate tip-off every second that passes! ‘Final Words’ does have a unique element to it that makes it feel somewhat exciting and fresh, and for that reason alone its worth keeping a close eye on the progression that Stetson makes on (what should be) a promising musical endeavour.

Alex Malpass

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