Indie Music

Collo – Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm” is a remarkable new single from Australian artist Collo. Slightly moving in a new musical direction, the track will speak volumes to alternative rock and indie rock lovers from across the globe. Driven by the desire to work with the vocalist on the track London, ‘Eye of the Storm’ is innovative and everything you’d expect from Collo.

Sharing how the track was created, Collo states, “The music was put together first over a couple of days. A few months later I woke up with the “Eye Of The Storm” words in my mind and quickly created part of the chorus then and there. The rest of the lyrics were done a couple of days later being completed in a couple of hours – the ideas and concepts really seemed to flow quite quickly once the core theme of the song had been developed.”

Speaking about the new release, Collo shares, “This song is about a girl who is in a relationship and is experiencing issues and she is concerned that she is being used by the boy, who still appears to be involved with a previous partner that he had supposedly broken up with. The girl is lacking support but wants to stand up for herself and take control of the situation she finds herself in. **Collo’s comments – for me the song is about having determination, hope and resilience – despite being in a difficult situation and finding an ability to believe in yourself and that you can be strong if you are prepared to take control of your own destiny.”