Indie Music

Fiz – Ripe

Fiz © Fraser Lawrie

Melbourne artist Fiz melds noughties-inspired indie instrumentals with folksy narrative verses for her new single ‘Ripe’. The three-and-a-half minute tune is packed with hope and contentment and is the perfect antidote to that sluggish feeling the colder months are about to bring. 

Headed by singer-songwriter Fiz Eustace, Fiz delivers chilled riffs and personalised lyrics to really make us feel at home with her, and, above all, to reassure us that the difficult times can be overcome. Admittedly, the song verges on oversentimentality, and many might find Fiz’s frequent anecdotes about her cat and her sister a little too sickly sweet. Despite the naivety of its lyrics, ‘Ripe’ does deliver on its melodic riffs. Soft whistling carries us through the tune and can’t help but remind anyone familiar with noughties indie chart toppers of Swedish indie pop trio Peter, Bjorn and John’s immensely popular whistling single ‘Young Folk’.

For all its sentimentality, ‘Ripe’ is a citrusy burst of cheerfulness that wants to remind its listeners that it’s okay to sit back, reflect and be patient for better things. It’s a fresh, simple number that has all the charm and nostalgia of fruit trees and blossom on a cool day. If anything, with Fiz’s new release, spring has come just that little bit early.

Maisie Gill