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GRAY – Blue in Her Bones


Pulling at the heartstring, ‘Blue In Her Bones’ is an exceptional offering from singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist GRAY. Taken from his debut album ‘In The Absence of Colour’, the release showcases a powerful artist with layers of character.

Speaking about the enchanting new release ‘Blue In Her Bones’, GRAY shares, ‘Blue In Her Bones’ is the most exposed track on the album, with only my voice and a spellbinding piano performance from my mate Steve Dear, which we recorded in a weekend session a few months ago. I never intended to lead with it, but after witnessing the cutting, visceral emotional reaction it aroused in some folks, I thought it must be the right one. 

The music you feel is most likely to help someone through something will always be the right choice to push the hardest. I think everyone knows someone who this song could be written about or for. For me it was a woman very close to me. It’s about remembering that depression can morph someone you love beyond recognition; but they’re still the same person, worth standing by and fighting for. If you weather the changes, and show them love through it, the sadness may just lose its grip on them and the real person within will return.”


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