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Headshrinkers – Interrobang

Headshrinkers © James Knott

West Midlands four piece Headshrinkers are back on the scene with their swagger filled punk rock single ‘Interrobang’. A fairly new band to the ‘New Wave’ punk scene that is ever growing and where fresh raw talent over the past few years has been booming, Headshrinkers compliment the scene perfectly. Gritty and unforgiving vocals echoed by stellar drum lines and fills, all laced together with jangly but power heavy chords. If you are after something to sing, dance and shout about then this is going to be looping on your playlist for the next few months.

‘Interrobang’ is the quartet’s second track of 2021, following on from the raw anthemic release ‘Haggard Muggins’ which was taken from EP ‘Doorway Conversations’. They haven’t left their fans waiting long for another release. Starting with a singular riff which is then accompanied by a pounding beat carefully concocted by drummer Scarlett, it gives the track a heart racing feel from the get-go. Dark haunting vocals performed by front-man Garran set this track apart from the rest, an unhappy pain yet performed with so much emotion. When I first came across this song I could sense the influence Ian Curtis had on this band; however they take it to the next level with the grittiness of anger in the chorus. Drums explode into a cacophony of noise, fitting perfectly with the guitar riffs that leave you in a head-banging trance. “Put me on a crucifix is this my paradise!”

The track hits another verse before reaching the climax, short sharp riffs are laced in the background by James’ searing guitar work which gives this track so much depth and feel. Once again, we are hit with a powerful chorus which keeps you on your toes and demands you keep listening. Xavier’s pounding bassline helps carry the song along before it all builds up one last time, a final howling scream from Scarlett that throws us into a final chorus that I am sure will have the crowds moshing.

The band say, “people aren’t always going to fulfil you and more importantly you’re not going to fulfil them.” The ethos of the quartet and why they are where they are now is to fully accept change and embrace it with open arms. They mention “Interrobang is a catalyst of change.”

If you want to catch Headshrinkers live they will be playing Truck Festival at the ‘This Feeling’ stage on the Sunday. They also play the John Peel Centre on June 26th. If punk is what gets you going on the dance floor and you are a fan of the likes of Joy Division, Idles and Fontaines DC, then check these guys out.

Ben Wilson

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