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Lua Gior Graces Fans With Hit New Release, ‘Hideaway’

Italian descent and São Paulo, Brazil bred Lua Gior, has released a brand new single called, ‘Hideaway,’ a song that is filled with pop fusion and romantic vibes. Her unique sound is a tribute to everything she’s been through in life that has imperfectly shaped her into the woman and artist she is today. One turn of events that really flipped Lua Gior’s world upside down was the passing of her father when she was only eight years old. Writing music has allowed her to express her struggles and put forth good energy into the universe. 

Her brand new track, ‘Hideaway’ concentrates on elements of sophisticated folk, electronic feels and ambient influences as she blends together emotion and poetic lyrics into one golden masterpiece. Her music is a work of art that meshes together a nostalgic ambiance and her music transports listeners to their very own timeless memories. We are definitely fans of this dazzling artist. Check out her music below! 

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