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Major Murphy – Access

Major Murphy

On their second studio album, Grand Rapids based quartet Major Murphy have progressed into a more refined version of the band we heard on their debut in 2018. ‘Access’ shows the group in their most polished phase yet, complete with smooth, slick production.

The title track is an outstanding opener as it displays all of the strengths of the album in one four and a half minute song. Featuring beautiful harmonies, unique production and unforgettable hooks it certainly makes for one of the strongest songs on the album. However, the album then takes a dramatic left turn as this is followed by another favourite of mine ‘Attention’. This song contrasts nicely with the first as its production is more abstract (some of the synths that are used in this song remind me of The Flaming Lips during their ‘Yoshimi…’ period particularly). Perhaps the biggest difference between this track and the one that precedes it are the vocals as the ones on ‘Attention’ have been put through several effects to give the song a cosmic feel.

This record is bursting at the seams with chill, indie songs such as album highlight ‘Tear It Apart’. This track is also a perfect example of how Major Murphy use harmony effectively as I often find myself lost in these soothing melodies. The group’s vocal capabilities are also showcased on ‘In the Meantime’. By using these harmonies the track is given a psychedelic feel and when paired with catchy song writing, the track sounds comparable to The Beatles circa 1966.

All in all, ‘Access’ is a stellar second effort and I am thoroughly invested to see what Major Murphy do next. If you are looking for some Indie Rock with psychedelic sensibilities and an ear for memorable hooks then this is the album for you.

Aidan Mcguire