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merry choppins – ib2up / to one beat funk

What’s better than merry choppins releasing one single? Him releasing two! Back with the double single ‘ib2up’ and ‘one beat funk’, the diverse offering hears the artist take his songwriting to the next level. ‘ib2up’ features Nashville based rapper Tim Gent, and the collaboration is certainly a heated offering. The music is an experimental artistic expression that fuses together Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B, Funk, Alternative, etc. Much of the music is instrumental with vocal hooks by merry choppins but he also welcomes featured artist collabs

ib2up started as a hook idea from Tim. I just kept coming back to it after the initial session and tried producing different versions behind it. It went from a hype anthem, to a chill trap beat, and many versions in between. I finally landed on this production on the 6th version of the song when I threw Tim’s acapella over a rap beat I was making, and it finally felt like the song had a home.” – merry choppins


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