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Mumble Tide – Sucker

Mumble Tide

Creative indie duo Mumble Tide release new single ‘Sucker’, the follow up to their EP ‘Love Thing’ from 2020. Two of the singles from that six song collection showed the scope and variety of their music; ‘Bad Match’ was a dreamy vocal with haunting dissonant brass, lo-fi percussion and low-decibel guitar and keyboard textures. The chorus came from nowhere and there was even an unscheduled interruption to keep the listener alert. The EP title track built a quality harmonies-drenched pop song on top of a brilliant bass sound.

Now the excellent ‘Sucker’ ups the tempo, with a busy guitar duelling with the bass, razor sharp drums and a world-weary vocal leading to the resolution of the inevitable chorus line ‘…so long, sucker…’. The duo are full of surprises – what seems at first to be a sparse punky vignette gradually gains layers of chaotic instruments and musical distortion before the sudden ending.

Mike Wright

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