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One to watch: Glass Beams

Creating a sense of mystery is one of the oldest tricks in the music business. Daft Punk, SBTRKT and, more recently, Two Shell – acts known for covering their faces and keeping fans guessing – are all examples of it working successfully. It has certainly helped create buzz around Glass Beams, a psychedelic trio from Melbourne, Australia, who play in ornate gold masks. No one knew who they were until late last year, when founding member Rajan Silva put his name to the project in an interview in Rolling Stone India. Still, they remain elusive, and the other members have so far not been identified.

The group began during lockdown and released their debut EP, Mirage, in 2021, described as “a love letter” to Rajan’s Indian heritage. New five-track EP Mahal is a continuation of this style, which lilts along beautifully. With no obvious lyrics or samples, just textural sounds, the result is experimental, hypnotic and jam-based, melding the melodic tinge of traditional Indian music with Aussie surf rock. The title track is a big tune with a memorable guitar line. Orb is funkier, starting off laid-back before snowballing into an increasingly propulsive rhythm.

With only a few tracks to their name, Glass Beams already have sold-out shows, a rapidly growing social media following and 1.1 million monthly Spotify listeners. With music this good, anonymity is just a part of the appeal.

Mahal is out now on Ninja Tune. Glass Beams play EartH, London N16, on 6 and 7 April

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