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Pink Tides Blend Fuzzy Riffs And Funky Bass Lines

Psychedelic trio Pink Tide have released their sophomore single ‘Affliction’ blending fuzzy riffs and funky bass lines.

Based between Teesside and Leeds, the band draw influence from acts like Led Zeppelin, Oasis and Pink Floyd to create an indie-garage rock sound with some loud, proud and memorable choruses.

Pink Tide has become a well-known name on the North East scene since releasing their debut single ‘Change My Mind’ in July 2019, a year which saw them performing at regional festivals such as Stockton Calling and The Gathering Sounds alongside the likes of Reverend and the Makers, Queen Zee and Ones To Watch 2020 artists Zuzu and Lady Bird.

Blues-Rock influenced song ‘Affliction’ by Pink Tide displays rock charm as the trio avoid temptation to go too mainstream yet create a song that resonates with many.

With sounds from the late ‘60s and ear-worming chorus, Pink Tide use a call and response dual vocal harmony to cement themselves into the ears of the listener.

Listen below and leave your ICM Rating out of 10 now. You can also watch a live set on their YouTube channel here.

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