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Roskamala ‘s “Out Of The Maze” Reflects Her Transformation From Outcast To Icon

Up-and-coming sensation in the Pop world, Roskamala, delves into the theme of feeling like an outcast and detached from society in her recent release, “Out Of The Maze.” In this heartfelt composition, the multifaceted artist imparts invaluable wisdom to her younger admirers who may grapple with similar sentiments. She encourages them to introspect and endeavor to evolve into their finest selves. By embracing their true essence, they can effortlessly draw like-hearted individuals into their lives, creating a sense of belonging and acceptance.

In her latest single’s captivating music video, the artist focuses on the idea of embracing diverse identities within oneself. Through mesmerizing visuals, the clip underscores the crucial balance between the tangible reality and the doubts that often cloud our minds. Roskamala emphasizes the value of staying rooted in the real world while not allowing every fleeting thought to weigh heavily on our souls.

Roskamala teases her highly-awaited EP, Lies She Told, seamlessly carrying forward the themes explored in her previous release, Truth She Told, while embarking on new captivating narratives. This musical journey takes a refreshing turn with a collection of uplifting and lively compositions, resonating with a profound embrace of imperfections. The songs on this record serve as an empowering catalyst, encouraging a positive mindset and reminding listeners that by shifting their focus to the brighter aspects of life.

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