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YNES – I Wanna Be Overrated


YNES is back with her latest effort, ‘I Wanna Be Overrated’; Time and time again, YNES has proved she can expertly blend strong, pouding music with sharp, witty lyrics as she looks to even further her career as one of the masters of the modern day underground scene. 

I am no stranger to the music of YNES, having seen her perform several times as well as having the pleasure of reviewing several of her singles in the past. ‘I Wanna Be Overrated’ is the latest effort to catch my ear, demonstrating how she can go from strength to strength! Musically, YNES seems to echo influences from across the board – with the Ramones and Echobelly seeming the most prominent immediately.

The past year has been instrumental to YNES’ musical journey, seeing her play none other than Glastonbury festival as apart of Billy Bragg’s selection of acts! ‘I Wanna Be Overrated’ is the final single to be released from YNES’ forthcoming EP ‘Born Loser’, which is out 9th December via Daemon T.V.

Alex Malpass

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