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347aidan Teaches the ‘Bad Kids’ How to Roll a Spliff on Vibey New Song

347aidan is a bad kid with good vibes. On Tuesday, the singer released the electric guitar-backed single “Bad Kids,” in which he excuses the cute girl who’d rather hang with bad kids.

After walking listeners through the blunt-making process, he sings in the chorus: “I think I’m starting to see/Why she hangs out with those bad kids/Doing drugs that her dad did/Why she skipping all her classes/Could you blame her for the madness?”

347aidan says the song came about after one of his friends played a beat he immediately loved. “I went home that night, and I made the song. I was so excited about it that halfway through making it I sent it to the producer, Ben,” he said in a statement about the song. “He came over right away and we just listened to it on repeat in the car because we loved it so much. It’s cool to make music with your friends.”

The singer first teased the track on his TikTok last month, when a 40-second clip of the track went viral. (His first video with the song has 177,000 likes.) “Once I made a video asking the internet to help me with a dream and it changed my life,” he captioned a recent TikTok. “Manifesting we do it again.”

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That dream? His track “Dancing in My Room,” which went viral on the app. The song now has more than 218 million streams on Spotify. 347aidan is set to tour with Oliver Tree starting Feb. 19.

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