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It’s an election year in the United States. Just in time for the big Biden/Trump showdown, our favorite Uncle Al is back with another record filled with scathing political commentary. This latest endeavor by the folks at Ministry is another barn burner that will undoubtedly satisfy long-time fans and relentlessly annoy those in the MAGA hat crowd.

HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES is the title of this newest LP and musically it’s all you might expect from Chicago’s Native Son. It’s riffs upon riffs, with punchy keys and synths and a heavy driving bass. Now, if you’re a fan of Ministry you’ll know that Al Jourgensen and company have mellowed just a bit in terms of heaviness. Psalm 69 or The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste this record is not. However, more in line with 2021’s Moral Hygiene, we get a record that is catchy as all hell and accessible for many.

“B.D.E.” short for “Big Dick Energy” starts the record off. With a killer beat and a copious use of samples, Uncle Al presents an order of grand criticism on chauvinism in American society. He tells us, “The incel subsect and general misogynistic tendencies in our society are dangerous yet seem to fly under the radar so we figured it’s time to shine a light on it. In true Ministry fashion we battle it with sarcasm.” It’s an enjoyable track that is both unmistakable and insightful.

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“Goddam White Trash” is a cut you might have already heard as the band released it back earlier in 2023. Similar in tone with the same tongue-in-cheek slyness exhibited on “B.D.E.” we get another crushing example of industrial rock that’s going to make Mr. Trump bright orange with anger and rage. This cut also features Pepper Keenan from Corrosion Of Conformity. The video, by the way, leaves very little to the imagination and I have a feeling we won’t see many people from the Proud Boys or Qanon at Ministry shows anytime soon.

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Speaking of Mr. Trump, we get a heavy dose of him, referred to as “your favorite tyrant” on the groovy, rhythmic “Cult of Suffering.” Replete with backup singers that are reminiscent of a Phil Spector production, this cut will get you singing and stomping along with your fellow Americans who seem to be drawn to distorted realities.

In case the acerbic lyrical content of cuts like “B.D.E.” and “Goddam White Trash” wasn’t enough for you, I have some good news. Uncle Al gets even more frank and forthright with tracks “Aryan Embarrassment” which is everything you might think it should be. Along the same lines, we get “New Religion” which is a bit more guitar-forward that contains lyrical content about the massive growth of corporations.

“Just Stop Oil” is a catchy nod to the Ministry of the late 80s in terms of the sonics, less the Donald Trump samples of course. The band incorporates a wealth of sounds here from surf guitar to a biting, layered industrial rhythm track.

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No matter what era of Ministry you might be a fan of, there’s really something for everyone here. There’s a bit of the early 80’s club-inspired synth-pop first wave, a really nice dose of heavy guitars from Ministry‘s 90’s sounds and a natural progression from 2021’s vastly underrated Morale Hygiene. While Al Jourgensen might now qualify for Medicare, his work feels more invigorated than ever.