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Alicia Keys Joins Kamala Harris on Campaign Trail in New Video

To coincide with Election Day (November 3rd), Alicia Keys has released a new video of her joining Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris on the 2020 campaign trail in Arizona.

In the clip, Keys explains the importance of campaigning in Arizona, a swing state with a high likelihood of flipping to Democrat Joe Biden and helping to secure a Democratic majority in the Senate this year. She also dives into why she felt it was important to speak to potential voters on the campaign trail herself.

“A lot of what I’m thinking about and talking about is like, we’re the bosses of these candidates,” she says, “which is one-hundred-percent true. We hire them!” Later, she adds, “I just want people to feel good, feel inspired, and know that this is our time. We have the right to voice how we feel and see the shift that we want to see.”

Later, Keys films a video with Harris on her iPhone, in which Harris goes over specific bills regarding minimum wage and police reform that she hopes to pass if elected Vice President.

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“It’s super important for me to show up for all the kids that are gonna inherit what we leave behind,” Keys concludes. “And if I’m just like, ‘Oh well, I’m not gonna show up because it’s too crazy,’ what does that say to them?”

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