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ÁRSTÍÐIR LÍFSINS Streams “Nauð greyprs élreka”, Announces New Record


Arstíðir lífsins is back with their six record Aldrlok due out May 31, and a new single “Nauð greyprs élreka” streaming right now. If you’ve ever checked out Arstíðir lífsins, then you know what to expect – a beautiful mix of black metal and atmospheric folk. Pre-orders are available here.

According to the band: “Aldrlok is sung entirely in Old Norse-Icelandic and contains lyrics with heavy use of Skaldic and Eddic poetry. The story is based on both societal and mythological topics, and plays out in some of the most turbulent times of change in Iceland: in the first half of the eleventh century, some forty years after the Christianisation in 999/1000.

“The album depicts a fictional story set in a period of Icelandic history of which generally little is known. Nevertheless, it was a turbulent time where older customs became obsolete and gave way to new traditions and, not least, new forms of belief. It is these particular circumstances which the title of the album alludes to, since ‘Aldrlok’ can be translated to ‘End of an Age’, or simply ‘Death’.”

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