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Bella Poarch Teases Horror-Filled Video for Next Single ‘Dolls’

(Scary) doll behavior! New music from TikTok queen Bella Poarch is on the way. On Wednesday, she teased the release of a horror-filled video for her next single, “Dolls,” out July 15.

Sporting her hair in her signature pig tails, the musician is seen as holding what appears to be a dead friend in her arms while standing in front of an apocalyptic backdrop.

The camera then zooms out as she lets out a pain-filled scream before a masked human is seen watching Poarch on some screens (à la Squid Games) the entire time.

Poarch first shared that the teaser was on its way on Tuesday, posting a photo of herself posing with a mannequin head.

The release of “Dolls” will follow last year’s “Build a Bitch” and her track “Inferno” alongside Sub Urban.

In a recent profile, IndieLand‘s Brittany Spanos described her new music as “Melanie Martinez-inspired, haunted doll-core, full of eerie tinkering noises that add an edge to her sweet, soft vocals.”

“Looking at Beyoncé, she sang songs to uplift other people,” Poarch told IndieLand. “Now, that’s what I want to do.”

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