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Beyoncé Leaves Studio 54-Inspired Club in a Trance in ‘Summer Renaissance’ Visual

Summer isn’t over just yet. As part of her partnership with Tiffany & Co., Beyoncé is keeping the sticky hedonism of the season alive with a lavish party thrown at a Studio 54-inspired club in the first official visual released for the Renaissance era, “Summer Renaissance.”

Descending upon the dancefloor, Beyoncé makes good on her promise to leave the function in a trance. “I’m feeling way too loose to be tied down,” she delivers to the sweaty crowd. “Can you see my brain open wide now?”

The cinematic clip pays homage to unapologetic individuality as part of Tiffany & Co.’s “Lose Yourself in Love” campaign. Shot on a rare 65mm film camera, the “Summer Renaissance” visual shimmers even in black and white.

For a moment, Beyoncé is shown perched on the back of a translucent horse centered on the dance floor, a recurring image throughout the Renaissance era that pays homage to Bianca Jagger’s iconic Studio 54 birthday party. When she calls for a round of applause during the “Summer Renaissance” bridge, know that it’s well deserved.

The video arrives just days after the eligibility period closed for entry into the visual category at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Although some fans suspected Beyoncé would drop the Renaissance videos without warning as the deadline approached, the singer has continued to allow the music to speak for itself and stand on its own this time around. Even the project’s lead single, “Break My Soul,” hasn’t received the music video treatment in the over three months since its release.

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