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BRING ME THE HORIZON To Release Their New Album At Midnight


Bring Me The Horizon was originally scheduled to release their next effort Post Human: NeX GEn this past September, but was delayed due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Now we’ve got an update – Post Human: NeX GEn is out at midnight, May 24. So prepare yourselves.

Bring Me The Horizon posted trailers for the new album on their social media, which ends with a robotic voice saying “let’s begin” before a very Final Fantasy-esque logo appears for NeX GEn.

As for the delay, Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes wrote in an update from January: “Post human is coming this summer , I promise. I just want u 2 have more songs u haven’t heard than songs u have on the record, & it’s been a ruff ride recently. Thank u for sticking with us! We love u.”

Bring Me The Horizon‘s last EP was Post Human: Survival Horror in 2020, though we’ve heard six songs from NeX GEn so far – “Die4U”, “Strangers”, “Lost”, “Amen!”, “Darkside”, and “Kool-Aid”. That’s also assuming all six will be a part of NeX GEn.

It’s also not clear if any of the material included in NeX GEn was written and recorded after the departure of keyboardist Jordan Fish. Fish played for Bring Me The Horizon between 2012 and present day.

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