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Bryson Tiller Says to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ as He Releases Single ‘Outside’

Bryson Tiller is switching it up and is ready to give fans “the unexpected.” On Thursday, the R&B star started a new musical era — two years after his Anniversary album — with the release of “Outside,” a vibey track sampling Ying Yang Twins’ “Wait (The Whisper Song).”

“People have been asking me what to expect with this new album, and I just can say, ‘Expect the unexpected,’ ” Tiller told IndieLand. “I think the song that came out today is a great example of that.”

The song opens with the same intro as the 2005 hit before Tiller dives into the sexy lyrics. But the singer says the new album is “not just flips of old hip-hop songs but just unexpected vibes that I’m really excited about.”

“Used to be in love, now you’re like, ‘Fuck Cupid’/Hate to be your ex, know that n— feel stupid,” Tiller sings in the chorus. “Thumbin’ through the ‘Gram, tryna figure out where you been/All he need to know is that you’re outside.”

After releasing his last album, Anniversary, during the pandemic, fans were left without a tour to celebrate his new songs. Now, with even more new music on the horizon, Tiller said he’ll “absolutely” be touring next year.

“‘Outside’ is the polar opposite of what everyone is used to hearing from me,” Tiller added in a statement. “Normally, we would release a song intended to put people deep in their feelings, but this song is anti-feels.”

Tiller last joined Diddy on “Gotta Move On” earlier this year. He also released a Christmas EP last year, featuring the likes of Kiana Ledé, Justin Bieber, and Tayla Parx. Bryson also dropped a deluxe cut of Anniversary — which featured songs with Drake and Big Sean — in 2021.

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