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Did ANTHRAX Help Pioneer Nü-Metal?


Nü-metal came to prominence with the advent of bands like Korn and Deftones (at least their first record) in the mid-90s. The genre would take off big time in the next few years as massively popular bands like System Of A Down, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot joined the fray. But where did the roots of nü-metal come from? If you ask former Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell, Anthrax and their 1987 track “I’m The Man” had at least something to do with it.

In an interview with Nu Pod, Bell asserted that Anthrax arguable pioneered nü-metal with “I’m The Man” in all its rap-rock glory. “I’m The Man” was a take on the Beastie Boys‘ style (another major influence on the nü-metal world) ,and is widely considered to be one of the first rap-rock songs.

“I’m The Man” was eventually revisited in 1991 for the Attack Of The Killer B’s compilation, which furthered Anthrax‘s love of rap-rock with their cover of Public Enemy‘s “Bring the Noise” featuring Public Enemy themselves. So

“I’m glad you said that, because Biohazard, other than AnthraxBiohazard was influenced by Anthrax when Anthrax did ‘I’m The Man’, you could say that Anthrax pioneered nü-metal by fusing together thrash and hip hop,” said Bell.

“And that inspired Biohazard to work with other artists like… They were like connected with Onyx in a way, maybe it was that soundtrack they were a part of [the Judgment Night soundtrack.] But I remember when we did that tour with Biohazard in 1993. It was Fear Factory, Sick Of It All and Biohazard, and Biohazard was already at that point experimenting with hip hop beats.”

Bell‘s point about Anthrax is definitely a good one, but also shines some light on the fact that maybe Biohazard deserves a little more of a place in the nü-conversation too.

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