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DOPETHRONE Stays Filthy With New Single “Uniworse”


Dopethrone will release their first record in six years dubbed Broke Sabbath, and you can check out the horrendously filthy new single “Uniworse” below. Broke Sabbath was recorded by long-time collaborator Jean-Baptiste Joubeaud, mastered by Brad Boatright, and will make you need a shower every single time you hear it.

“We went full Volume 4 on this one. The last few years have been thought for the underground, we swam against a tsunami of nonsensical bullshit and still managed not to drown,” said Dopethrone. “It’s just like a stew, we all know that the scum always rises to the top… And here we are! We decided to turn up the ‘not giving a fuck’ knob to 11, stepped out of our rusty dumpster, gave it a spit-shine and lit the fucker on fire.

“We went ‘full DIY’ on the cover artwork. We grabbed a shit-ton of Hochelaga alley dirt, junk, slutch and dumped it on our saloon floor, made a concoction of ‘fake’ blood and proceeded to surgically etch the Dopethrone logo on this stinking putrid pile. We also made all our videos with no budget and full dedication. Passion is known to exceed the norms of expectation, but we’re not passionate, we’re obsessed, so you better buckle up.”

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