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Early IRON MAIDEN & MISFITS Vinyl Went For Over $2,000 Each In February


Every month Discogs publishes a list of the 25 most expensive vinyl sold the month prior, and every month there are always some metal and punk releases on there.

In February 2024, there were two that topped the chart – The Soundhouse Tapes 7″ by Iron Maiden, which went for $2,717; and the Night Of The Living Dead 7″ by Misfits, which went for a clean $2,500. It’s not exactly over $5,000 for an unreleased Tobias Forge CDr, but still – those numbers could pay rent on a really decent place.

The Soundhouse Tapes is the debut EP from Iron Maiden recorded at Spaceward Studios in December 1978, and released in November 1979. The Soundhouse Tapes was limited to 5,000 mailorder copies at the time and historically has gone for closer to $1,000 a piece. Seems like the one that sold for $2,717 was nearly mint condition and had the original promo flyer still in tact. So that’s pretty cool.

Night Of The Living Dead was the fourth single by Misfits and was released on October 31, 1979. 2,000 copies were pressed and were sold at the band’s show at Irving Plaza in New York City that night of the release. Misfits also has a pretty scattered discography loaded with odd 7″ releases, all of which tend to fetch three-or-four figures online regularly.

Check out the full list of 25 here.

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