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Former Escort Singer Adeline Previews New EP With Breezy Song ‘Stages’

Bassist, producer and Former Escort singer Adeline previews the release of her new EP Adi Oasis with the breezy new song “Stages,” a feel-good track that channels vintage Seventies soul.

“I’m just gonna do me / Don’t need nobody / I got my A-Team / I’m right on time,” Adeline sings off a groove that should be blasted on every beach.

“‘Stages’ is about my journey in the music business as a young black woman, but it’s relevant to indie artists in general, and everyone who’s hustling to reach their goals,” the singer said in a statement. “I’ve had many experiences of not being taken seriously, of people making me feel like I’m not good enough, and of being hit on by fake aspiring collaborators who turned out to have ulterior motives. ‘Stages’ is my self-affirming chant reminding me that ‘I’m not going to take shit from anybody anymore.” 

Adi Oasis combines three new songs with previously released music. “Creating this EP during one of the weirdest times in our modern history — not just the pandemic, but also living through these difficult political times, global warming, struggle against racism, etc. — has brought to light a deeper meaning for what music is to me. Music is my oasis, the stage is my oasis, the studio is my oasis.”

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Adi Oasis Track List

1. “Stages” (featuring KAMAUU)
2. “Whisper My Name”
3. “9”
4. “Outside”
5. “Maintain”
6. “Mystic Lover”
7. “Eternity” (feat. Joshua J)

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